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"We had a dauntingly difficult challenge with our film BULLRIDER. We needed a huge score, with a variety of different styles written and produced rapidly. Composer David Jones was the find of the decade: Attitude: A+. Speed: A+. Creativity and Range: A+ Execution: Another A+"
"I was initially apprehensive about having a long distance relationship with a composer (I was in Florida, he in Canada), but David quickly shattered any doubts I may have had. My film required a range of styles – from jingles to dramatic – and David delivered a score that far surpassed my expectations. He worked extremely quickly, was insightful, and was incredibly easy to work with. His brilliant score added greatly to my completed film and I would work with him again in a heartbeat."
Erin Kitzinger
Award winning Writer, Director
"...when David joined our team we were a week and a half from a festival deadline, so he had to work fast. With days to spare he gave me a score that I feel really drives the film. The music works in concert with the film so well that it is hard to imagine the film without it. David is adaptable, well-versed, easygoing, professional and most of all a great artist."