Exceptional speed, accuracy, perfect pitch, and skill have helped David transcribe and publish-prepare literally hundreds of transcriptions (lifts) from a vast variety of genres, including multipart big band, orchestral, pop & rock, and some of the most revered previously unpublished jazz solos and masterworks encores.

David uses the latest in modern notation software to compliment his traditional skills.
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Jazz Piano Lift & Transcription
Manuscript of Jazz Transcription
Classical Piano Lift & Transcription
Manuscript of Classical Transcription

Teachers and school boards enjoy David's rapid production of educational materials for classroom use, which include accompaniment recordings, parts transcriptions, reductions, original band & choral compositions, arrangements, and original publication re-tasks. Teaching experience includes regular masterclass instruction throughout North America and educational concerts for students of all ages.

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Custom rehearsal recording
Choir Parts emphasized with Accompaniment
Early Childhood Materials Production
Recording of Lullaby
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