(Director's endorsements)
The Hanging Hotel
Orchestra & Small Ensemble featuring
Violin & Accordian
The Photo Copy Room
Hammond B3 on the loose
In The House of Water & Light
Dramatic Opening Credits
Floyd the Butcher
Quirky/Obscure Character Music
Soundtrack Excerpt #1
Escape Action Scene
Soundtrack Excerpt #2
"I'm Lonely" Theme
Soundtrack Excerpt #3
"Spaghetti Western"
Torture Sequence
Surreal Unpleasantness
At First Sight Medley
Silent Film Excerpts: suitcase; tango
BullRider Excerpt 1
Arena Montage - guitars
BullRider Excerpt 2
Violin & Orchestra
BullRider Excerpt 3
Tragic Ride
BullRider Excerpt 4
Mandolin & Guitar Medley
BullRider Excerpt 5
Good Ride - Guitar
Life to Go Excerpt 1
"Commercial Music" - Excerpt from Credits
Life to Go Excerpt 2
Violin + Suitcase + Marimba
Happy Clarinet
70's Police Show
"Old School" 70'S Police Show Theme
The Vacancy
Featuring Strings in a Small Ensemble
Soundtrack mini-compilation
Showcases Varied Compositional Style(s)
Serious Soundtrack Compilation
Several "serious" Excerpts used in Film
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“David’s talents as a composer and performer are staggering. I threw a ton of creative ideas at him, and he kept proving himself more and more capable and versatile. The score he wrote for my film is thoughtful and truly beautiful, and I couldn’t be happier with it. On top of all this, David is a real professional to work with. I highly recommend this gifted composer.”
Justin Slosky
- Los Angeles
Director: Memories of My Melancholy Copy Machine
Co-Founder: Ivy Film Festival
"I was initially apprehensive about having a long distance relationship with a composer (I was in Florida, he in Canada), but David quickly shattered any doubts I may have had. My film required a range of styles – from jingles to dramatic – and David delivered a score that far surpassed my expectations. He worked extremely quickly, was insightful, and was incredibly easy to work with. His brilliant score added greatly to my completed film and I would work with him again in a heartbeat."
Erin Kitzinger - Florida
Director: Life to Go, The Girl Who Couldn't Dream
"We had a dauntingly difficult challenge with our film BULLRIDER. We needed a huge score, with a variety of different styles written and produced rapidly. Composer David Jones was the find of the decade: Attitude: A+. Speed: A+. Creativity and Range: A+ Execution: Another A+"
Josh Aronson - New York
Academy Award Nominated Director: Sound and Fury, The Opposite Sex, Bullrider
".....David expressed great talent, enthusiasm and commitment to each project. Not only did he deliver a great score for each film, his music was so powerful it shaped the way the film was edited and how we approached the final version of the film. He has always been on time with deadlines and has always exceeded the required workload and this, in turn, gave each film the final push it needed."
Rob Scarborough - Toronto
Director: The Hanging Hotel

"...when David joined our team we were a week and a half from a festival deadline, so he had to work fast. With days to spare he gave me a score that I feel really drives the film. The music works in concert with the film so well that it is hard to imagine the film without it. David is adaptable, well-versed, easygoing, professional and most of all a great artist."
Matthew Atkinson - Toronto
Director: The Vacancy, Dakota