We needed a huge score, with a variety of different styles written and produced rapidly. Composer David Jones was the find of the decade!
Attitude: A+
Speed: A+
Creativity and Range: A+
Execution: Another A+

".....David expressed great talent, enthusiasm and commitment. Not only did he deliver a great score, his music was so powerful that it shaped the way the film was edited and how we approached the final version of the film. He has always been on time with deadlines and has always exceeded the required workload and this, in turn, gave each film the final push it needed."
"...when David joined our team we were a week and a half from a festival deadline, so he had to work fast. With days to spare he gave me a score that I feel really drives the film. The music works in concert with the film so well that it is hard to imagine the film without it. David is adaptable, well-versed, easygoing, professional and most of all a great artist."
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Exceptional speed, accuracy, perfect pitch, and skill have helped David transcribe and publish literally hundreds of transcriptions (lifts) from a vast variety of genres, including multipart big band, orchestral, pop & rock, and some of the most revered previously unpublished jazz solos and masterworks encores.
David uses the latest in modern notation software to compliment his traditional skills.

Arrangements & Educational Resources

Teachers and school boards enjoy David’s rapid production of educational materials for classroom use, which include accompaniment recordings, parts transcriptions, reductions, original band & choral compositions, arrangements, and original publication re-tasks. Teaching experience includes regular masterclass instruction throughout North America and educational concerts for students of all ages.